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Who we are
People who have a passion for pets and concerns for pet treat nutrition.  If we aren't willing to eat it why should our pets?

Pampered pets eat our treats which are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. 

Why us?
Our mission is to be known in our community as having the highest standards by using the best quality ingredients and materials that are available to provide premium pet products. We define quality by evaluating our ingredients for freshness, safety, taste, nutritional value and appearance. By selling the finest products available, customers can be sure they are buying only what is best for their pet in regards to healthy treats.

We are ServSafe certified which means we prepare our treats in compliance with food protection standards accredited by the American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection.

What we offer
We produce locally and support other New Mexico businesses by purchasing our ingredients and materials from local suppliers, as much as possible, available and practical, for our treats and accessories.   

Droolicious dog treats. Grain-free dog treat line using natural, non-GMO and organic (when available) ingredients. 

Urban Dawg treats.  Unique from our Droolicious flagship treat line in that they are wheat, corn and soy-free but not grain free.  We currently use oat flour  for our baked treats.  Yep, we grind whole grain oats into flour so you can’t get any fresher than that!

Due to the lack of artificial preservatives in our treats, we produce in small batches, ensuring your pet is receiving a freshly crafted treat. The shelf life for our treats is approximately six months (bet they won’t last that long!).  You can extend the shelf life if you refrigerate or freeze the treats.

Let the drooling begin!

Kim Hedrich, President
Kimpire, LLC dba Droolicious

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